Optical Measuring Machines

Optische Measuring Machines from Schneider Messtechnick

For optical measurement tasks, we offer an extensive product range from Dr. Schneider Messtechnik.

The company was founded in Jahre 1947 by Dipl. Salesman Dr. Heinrich Schneider. Dr. Schneider Messtechnik measuring units are being used nowadays throughout the world in reknowned companies, in particular, in the automotive industry as well as by its suppliers, medical industries, the machine and tool construction industry as well as the electrical and plastics industries. Much leading companies in the aircraft industry measure today with Schneider Messtechnik machines, Formule 1 and calibration services belong to our customers as well.

Profile and measuring projectors, workshop microscopes as well as multi sensor coordinate measuring machines belong the the standard products which is completed by special measurement task solutions.

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