Pre-Owned Machines


Metrology Scout – Gebrauchte Koordinatenmessgeräte kaufen und verkaufen

WENZEL Metrology Scout  - The First Choice for Second Hand

Are you looking for a used or demo machine or do you want to sell your product? The WENZEL Metrology Scout is a search platform for used measuring machines as well as for demonstration machines and accessories.

With years of experience as a manufacturer of 3D metrology, we want to help you to find a suitable used machine for your needs. In addition, we are happy to assist you in the sale of your used device.

Features and Benefits

  • Checked and refurbished measuring machines and accessories with warranty from WENZEL
  • Highest quality through sophisticated check-ups
  • Professional installation and commissioning of the used machine by our service team at your site
  • Acceptance and calibration as with new machines
  • Proper handling and short-term availability
  • Effective introduction in the Coordinate Metrology


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