Software from WENZEL Metromec AG

We offer a wide range of measuring software for all your 3D measuring tasks.

A measuring software controlls the CNC machine and evalautes measurement result so you can get inspoection reports fast and easy.

WENZEL Metromec AG is the primary software developer for the WENZEL Group GmbH. For decades we have been developing the standard metrology software - Metrosoft CM, well established in the world wide market. More than 40 years of experience in the software development for the coordinate measuring technology creates reliability and trust. With more than 20,000 licenses, our software is used worldwide in renowned companies in the automotive, aerospace, research and mechanical engineering industries.

For special measurement task, we also offer special software packages, mostly developed by subsidiary companies of the WENZEL Group GmbH.

Explore our metrology software products on the following pages or get in touch with us.

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