Basic Training

PC operation under Windows 10

Duration ½ day
Participants 1 to 3 persons
Requirements none
Objective Basic PC operation with Windows enabling the user to work with WM | Quartis
  • Introduction to the Windows operating system
  • Start-up of WM | Quartis and other programs
  • Explorer, file manager
  • Task bar, changing applications
  • Notepad (text editor), Paint (image editor)
  • Control panell, background image, screen saver
  • Printer: selection and settings
  • Terminating Windows


Data back-up and version care

Duration ½ day
Participants 1 to 3 persons
Requirements none
Objective Basics set-up and care of an efficient data back-up system.
  • Reasons for data backup
  • Storage media
  • Data backup concept
  • Creation of a customer specific data back-up system
  • Update installation with an existing or a new data base
  • Deinstallation of WM | Quartis versions no longer being used


Basics of metrology

Duration 1 day
Participants up to 12 persons
Requirements Basic mechanical basic training, experience in conventional measurement technology.
Objective Basics of computer assisted metrology for operating and application of a coordinate measuring machine using its software.
  • Basics of computer assisted metrology
  • Mathematic description of the geometric elements
  • Regression calculation according to Gauss, Chebyshev, minimum circumscribed and maximum inscribed
  • Benefit and sense of work piece coordinate systems
  • Coordinate system chain (MCS, RSCS, RCS, PLCS, PCS)
  • Stylus calibration on the reference sphere
Aukom Level 1 can be completed instead of this training.


Form and position tolerances (ISO 1101/ASME Y14.5M)

Duration 1 day
Participants up to 12 persons (basic training)
1 to 3 persons (Metrosoft related course with practical exercises)
Requirements Basic mechanical knowledge, experience in conventional measuring technology.
Objective: Knowledge of ISO 1101 / ASME Y14.5M-1994 standard and interpretation.
  • Origin of form and position deviations
  • Correlation between dimension, form and position tolerance
  • Definitions of form and position tolerances and terminology
  • References and (cross) referencing system
  • Types and zones of tolerances
  • Effective length (length value, restricting elements, point distrubution)
  • Form compensation, Maximum-Material-Principle (MMC/LMC)
The module AUKOM Level 3 takes an in depth look at the form and position tolerances.