WM | Quartis certification

WM | Quartis is supported by WENZEL Metromec AG on the following editions of Windows 11:

Windows 10- Windows 11 Pro

- Windows 11 Education

- Windows 11 Enterprise.

WM | Quartis is supported by WENZEL Metromec AG on the following editions of Windows 10:

Windows 10- Windows 10 Pro

- Windows 10 Education

- Windows 10 Enterprise.

WM | Quartis is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10:

- Current Branch for Business

- Long-Term Servicing branch(es)

Microsoft Platform Ready (earlier WM | Quartis versions)

WM | Quartis has successfully passed the following Microsoft Platform Ready certifications:

 Windows 7     Windows 8    Windows 10

From Metrosoft

  From Metrosoft
  From Metrosoft


Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR) is a test and certification program that allows to check software applications for their compatibility with Microsoft technology. Thus ensuring that the applications fullify the current Microsoft Partner network requirements.

WM | Quartis successfully passed the "Microsoft Platform Ready" certification. This confirms that WM | Quartis is ready for the latest Microsoft Windows platforms. This perfectly complements the values that stand since the first version for WM | Quartis: quality, reliability and precision - Made in Switzerland. What do you expect more from a measurement software of the 4th generation?

More information can be found in the System Requirements for WM | Quartis.

PTB certified evaluation software

The evaluation algorithms according to Gauss and Chebyshev (minimum zone) used in WM | Quartis were successfully tested by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB).
The maximum deviations are smaller than 0.10 µm and 0.10 µrad. Details on the performance of the test and the results can be found in the PTB test reports.

Federal Physical and Technical Institute (PTB)

pdfPTB Test Report: Based on Least-Squares (Gaussian) Method for CMM's

pdfPTB Test Report: Based on Minimum-Zone (Chebyshev) Method for CMM's

The correctness of the evaluation software was proved by comparing computed results with reference results provided by the PTB for the same set of data. The calculation of the parameters transmitted to the PTB was performed with WM | Quartis R2020-1.

A new test by PTB is initiated as soon as something is changed in the source code of the evaluation algorithm.

The following PTB test report confirms the correctness of the evaluation software for Metrosoft QUARTIS R1 to R16 and WM | Quartis R2018-1 to R2019-2:   pdfPTB Test Report Metrosoft QUARTIS